Key Members of the Team

An Eclectic Business Team:-

An eclectic and professionally seasoned team leads the vision of Quantum Business Consulting. We’ve been there, and we’ve done it! Our thought leadership and business experience stem from over a decade of living and conducting business in global innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley, CA, USA; London, UK; Dublin, Ireland; Luxembourg, and the EU. We bring a plethora of business development advice and meaningful support in the realm of business development, particularly focusing on innovative technology solutions for the 21st Century.

Together, we cover the following business domains:

  • advanced business development services,
  • market entry with emphasis on global expansion.
  • Consulting on a global level with technology innovators in connection with wireless, all-IP and cloud-based technologies, and purpose-based artificial intelligence.  
  • Tech. startups business planning for funding purposes.
  • SME expansion support. 
  • Marketing and sales.

Our hybrid experience sources solutions that stem from our well-seasoned acquaintance with the space where technology meets business. We bring the package and align with clients’ objectives that fulfill the project prerequisites alignment that we have outlined under our project attributes on our website. 

What we aim to bring to the business table are ways that synthesis business methodologies of the past coupled with integrative and wholesome solutions that are reflective of a 365-approach to integrate – though at times; the approach may appear conflicting to conventional business minds but needed in the post COVID-19 era that has disturbed conventional business wisdom.  We have emerged from the fusion of conventional and the non-traditional business space whose objective is to center our core values and input/recommendations to clients around the following attributes:

  • Great Focus on People and Culture.
  • Emphasis on Sustainability.
  • Shift to a Value-based Business Model.
  • Focus on Emerging Technologies.
  • Greater and Purposeful Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

To summarize our philosophy – we aim to focus on working with tech startups and SMEs whose business objectives are to advance society with meaningful and impactful contributions that revolve and align with meaning and impact. 

About The CEO

Gabriel Karim Belaid is an accomplished Silicon Valley – CA -USA, London-UK, Dublin-Ireland advanced business development professional with over a decade of business success on national-USA-and international levels with impressive success in handling major business deals with multi-million revenue potential. Well trained in US & international contract negotiations, strategic global positioning,  guided by a combination of business maturity and years of advanced international business development skills. He is very well-traveled, US and EU citizenship, and very well acquainted with business environment diversity. He dwells in hybrid spaces where innovation meets market needs and the required skill-set to promote businesses to targeted business visionaries. 

He founded multiple global business consultancies that served startups and SMEs on a global level. He is very well acquainted with the US/UK/EU business environment.

His vision is to help bridge resources and innovative projects between the United States, the UK/EU and the GCC region. He works well with SME companies and tech entrepreneurs who are leading innovative product offerings for the global market. Among other accomplishments, he served in a delegation to North Africa, under the US President Obama’s Partners for a New Beginning to a support  and  assist  young  entrepreneurs  in  the  IT  sector.